Clifton Taulbert to Keynote #Connect&Inspire Conference

Clifton Taulbert’s voice is being heard around the world as he shares his life story and the possibilities that exist for all of us; through the lectures he gives, and the books he writes. According to Taulbert, now the President and CEO of two companies [The Freemount Corporation and Roots Java Coffee], he could have failed had he not encountered entrepreneurial practitioners and the transforming power of community lived out in his presence by the ordinary people of the Mississippi Delta who surrounded his life; Thus the “Power of Community” becomes part of each talk given and each book written.

His first book would set the stage for the rest of his life for this businessman headed to a career in banking —Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored—the story of his childhood community which was made into an award-winning “Two Thumbs Up” major motion picture of the same title.

Taulbert’s story of community caught the attention of international educators in Germany which started him on an international lecture journey that continues today. The book that took him over twenty years to get published later became a requested gift for Nelson Mandela upon his release from prison. Now with fourteen books to his credit and a highly sought after lecturer, Taulbert continues to hold the attention of his audiences as he shares his Journey from the Fields of the Delta to podiums throughout the United States and around the World.

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