Easy Way to Weigh in on Education Bills

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The Request to Speak system is an online tool that lets you give legislators your feedback on bills. You can use the system to show that you support or oppose a bill and provide the reason why. You do not have to speak as the name implies. It is one of the easiest ways to share your opinions directly with legislators, all from the comfort of your home or office!

We can help you create an account if you do not already have one. We’ll also track key education bills and let you know when to log in to share your feedback. Sign up for a Request to Speak account today by completing the form below. We will set up an account on your behalf at the Capitol and send you an email with your login information, including a generic password which you can change online. Then, we will send you updates throughout the legislative session, so you can weigh in on important bills.

Both the Arizona Senate and the House of Representatives have standing Education Committees, where education-related bills are evaluated before moving forward (check out how a bill becomes a law for more details on this process). These committees meet regularly and bills are added to upcoming agendas each week for discussion. Once a bill has been added to an agenda, the general public is able to provide comments through the Request to Speak system.

Your comments are important! When a committee meets, members see a list of names of people who have registered an opinion, if they wish to speak, who they represent, and any comments. This information is also available when searching past committee agendas, which gives legislators an understanding of who supported or opposed a bill when determining how to vote. Your voice matters and is important to the future of education in Arizona.

If you already have an active RTS account, watch the video above to learn how to use the system and visit AZLeg.gov to get started. You can also review this how-to-guide for more details on using the RTS system.

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