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#EducateAZ #ConnectandInspire Conference is not your  traditional education conference but rather a conference about creating a conversation and grassroots solutions as a larger community to improve education in Arizona.

To obtain a conference registration code, email [email protected].

#EducateAZ is a collaborative initiative being coordinated by a number of local community organizations and educators and is aimed at improving the quality of life of all Arizonans by providing a platform for school, business, and community leaders to connect and collaborate to effectively elevate K-12 education in Arizona. We will bring together groups of educators to leverage their diverse expertise to  brainstorm real solutions to our state’s most pressing barriers to educational equity and excellence.

The #ConnectAndInspire Conference is aligned with Expect More Arizona’s Progress Meter and will be focused on: Early Literacy, 8th Grade Math, High School Graduation, and Post High School Enrollment. Within each of these areas we will be focusing on select issues that we can address as a collective group. Below is a quick table that outlines these areas.


3rd Grade Reading/Early Literacy Currently 44% of 3rd graders are proficient in reading.

Studies have shown intervention and preventive measures are a successful tool in helping achieve this goal. How might we leverage grassroots community efforts to use intervention and preventative strategies to address this issue

8th Grade Math/STEM Readiness Currently 36% of 8th grade students are prepared to be successful in high school math.

How can we  bring awareness & relevance to math? How can math make the connection to the real world and greater educational opportunity in the future?

High School Graduation Currently 80% of high school student graduate from Arizona High Schools.

How can we leverage community support to Increase relevance of high school for career and life preparation? How do we help build a community of support that allows students to see themselves past high school and what the roles look like and experience them.

How can we help address attendance issues like bullying, mental health, support structures and more so students have an opportunity to be successful in high school?

Post High School Enrollment Currently 53% of high school graduates enroll in postsecondary education the semester after graduating from high school.

How as a community how do we help students navigate  complex post-secondary systems?


To obtain a conference registration code, email [email protected].